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Early Years 1 - Nursery

Spring 2 - To Infinity And Beyond!

Spring 1 - Are We Nearly There Yet?

Safety Week 6th February 2017

How can we keep safe at home and school?

Lots of journeys to think about this half term

Christmas 2016

Autumn 2 - Fizz! Pop! Whizz! Bang!

Anti-Bullying Week: Something Else

A simple story, about a small creature who does his best to join in with the others. But he's different. No matter how he tries, he just doesn't belong. Then Something turns up and wants to be friends. But Something Else isn't sure he's like him at all...

Lots of Room on the Broom inspired fun!

Harvest Festival Celebrations

18th October 2016

Autumn 1 - Down on the Farm

Look at what we do in Nursery

Bowland Farm comes to Half Acres!

Squiggle time in Nursery