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Early Years 2 - Reception

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Reception would like to take this opportunity to thank all the grown ups who attended our fun day and helped us raise money for our Early Years Fund. We really appreciate your continued support. All children enjoyed the afternoon with a grown up!  


As we continue to develop our outdoor area we would welcome any donations of logs, wellies and old tyres etc. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any donations. Thank you!


What would we like to learn about?

The children in Reception were asked what they would like to learn about. We are taking ownership of our own learning in order to fully engage all children, and promote choices! We made super suggestions! This half term our topic is 'Down at the bottom of the garden' the children said they would like to learn:

  • How bees make honey
  • Whether all mini beasts have bones and if they do what do they look like
  • Gardening
  • Different flowers
  • Where different mini beasts live

We cant wait to learn about all these things!  



Pebble Party!

Last term we were so lucky to have won the pebble party! In each class there are a jar of pebbles - at the start of a half term it starts with 0 in the jar and the children can earn them from any member of staff for doing something super. This could be anything from being kind to impressing their teachers in class. The children with the most pebbles in the jar wins - WE WON! 

Today we had our pebble party! At the beginning of the week the children thought about what they would like and we had a class vote. The winning votes were to have an ice cream party and to watch Moana. The children also asked if they could all bring their pyjamas so we did this too! We had the BEST afternoon ever! We chose which ice cream flavour we would like and added toppings and sauce. We all loved watching Moana and by the end of the afternoon we were all snuggled down on the carpet! Thank you to all the parents for taking part and sending in pyjamas, the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed by both children and staff! 

World Book Day 2017!

This year as part of our World Book Day celebrations, we all had to dress up as our favourite character from a book! Everybody in reception made a fantastic effort, and every single member of our class dressed up. Even the teachers and nursery nurses! The children were asked to bring in their book of choice to share with the class. The children loved talking about their favourite character and parts from a book. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for supporting school and their children to have a truly enjoyable day.

Safety Week!

Before the half term it was Safety Week! We discussed Road safety, Internet safety, Safety in our homes and Stranger Danger. We had a very special visit from our Local Police Man. He spoke to us about how to keep safe and gave us a chance to ask questions - we had lots! After lots of discussion he surprised up by asking if we would like to try on his uniform! We thought this was great and we all looked super!

Phonics Workshops

Next week we are holding phonics workshops for parents/guardians. Please come and join us for the chance to see your child take part in a phonics session. This might help you pick up some hints and tips on how to support your child at home. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or queries on the day. We look forward to seeing you!

Miss Turnpenny's group - Tuesday 7th March

Mrs Clarke's group - Wednesday 8th March

Miss Naylor's group - Thursday 9th March


Chinese New Year!

This week was Chinese New Year! To celebrate we decided to have a Chinese banquet. The children enjoyed trying new foods such as noodles, egg fried rice, stir fry vegetables, spring rolls, prawn crackers, sweet and sour sauce and curry sauce. All the children tried something new, but the most popular dish was definitely the noodles! We then wrote about what our favourite food was in our literacy books and learnt all about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac.


Local Walk!

As part of our topic 'Are we there yet?' we thought it would be nice for the children to get to know their local surroundings so we got on our coats and off we went! We had a super time and saw lots! The kind gentlemen in the florist let us go in his shop for a look around and we saw the firemen practising putting out a fire! Before we went on our walk we discussed how we would keep safe and impressed all the adults with our grown up behaviour!

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Next week we are getting 10 eggs that we have to look after. They are special eggs that have chicks inside. This week we have been finding out lots of things about eggs. We talked about the two types of eggs and the differences between them. We explored what can be made using eggs, for example we cooked scrambled, fried, omelette and meringue.

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Bowlands Farm!

We were very lucky to receive a visit from some real farm animals! We saw alpacas, sheep, chickens, ducks and goats. The children got an opportunity to feed the animals and tried to catch the chickens to put them back in their coop. The children all found it hilarious that Miss Naylor got to walk the alpaca - only he wanted to run!