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Mission Statement, Aims and Values

  • Mission Statement
  • To enable our children to achieve their highest potential academically and physically and nurture their moral and social development to prepare them for their role as responsible citizens in the local community and the wider world.

We aim to educate the whole child, ensuring that children are given the chance to develop physically, intellectually, creatively, spiritually, emotionally, morally, culturally and socially to their full potential. We seek to promote the health, wellbeing and welfare of all our children.

We seek to achieve this via:

• Creating a safe, secure, supportive and inclusive learning environment in which pupils have a sense of belonging and there are equal opportunities for all regardless of background.

• Ensuring all stakeholders strive for excellence – be the best that they can be and take a pride in all that they do. 

• Communicating and instilling high expectations for all, ensuring the achievement and progress of every child is maximised. 

• Providing a bespoke curriculum to enable children to become successful learners and confident citizens able to contribute positively to modern Britain. 

• Providing broad, varied and challenging learning experiences that enable deeper thinking in order to develop well- motivated pupils with inquiring minds who demonstrate a thirst for learning. 

•Employing a wide range of effective teaching and learning strategies to make lessons engaging, challenging and rewarding. 

• Ensuring all learners are able to confidently apply basic skills across the curriculum. 

• Developing skills which enable pupils to exhibit independence enabling them to take ownership of their learning.

• Ensure an inclusive environment which promotes a culture where everyone is valued regardless of their ability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, disability, appearance or special educational needs.

• Promoting the involvement of parents and carers in school life, working in partnership to achieve a positive experience.

• Creating a stimulating, positive, productive learning ethos through the mutual support and teamwork of children, staff, parents, the Local       Governing Body and the wider community.

Values are at the heart of our school. We aim to promote our values in all that we do. In all aspects of school life, we encourage our pupils to demonstrate these key values:

• Taking responsibility for their actions and the environment around them

• Co-operating with others and the use of team work

• Equality for all

• Resilience, perseverance and courage when facing challenge

• Appreciating one another - demonstrating mutual respect to both adults and children alike

• Tolerance of others and their views regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, special educational need or age

• The right to use their own individual liberty to make their own choices

• The importance of following rules and making decisions with others

  • Part of:Inspire
  • Aspire Teaching School
  • National Teaching School
  • Accredited by Quality in Play